Press release

A device that «reads» the heart

Cloud Works, an IT-company, has contributed a device that will help children with heart disorders to the Cardiology Center of Kharkiv Regional Children's Hospital.

The «Cardiosense K» device monitors ECG and arterial blood pressure.

«Cardiosense K» is a small device that provides an important function: it «reads» the cardiac performance of a child's heart. The device consists of recorders that are fastened to the body and a computer program that analyses that data. The app not only provides data analysis, but also keeps the information about the patient and tracks their physical condition in a behaviour pattern. The app can deliver this information to other medical facilities.
The aim of this device is that the doctor gets data on electrical impulses of the heart muscle and arterial blood pressure over 24 hours.

The patient remains in their usual living conditions.
Just imagine that a child can play, go out to the park, take a rest or have some medicine taken, and at the same time, the sensors on their chest read and record the heart activity. The data is sent via Bluetooth (or copied to a memory card) to a computer program. The doctor has access to the program and analyses the data.

This research is called the Holter test. It can trace the connection between the child's complaints, life events, use of medication and the heart condition. It also helps to detect a health problem at an early stage.
The device plays an important role in detecting medical conditions for children that have a heart arrhythmia, heart conduction disorders, or arterial hypertension. I would like to note, that this screening allows diagnosing arterial hypertension at an early stage.

It is a fact, that heart diseases, including arterial hypertension, have gone «younger» today. This device helps to take the necessary steps right on time and avoid severe complications.
Oleksandr Strashok
Head of the Cardiology Center of Kharkiv Regional Children's Hospital
The significance of this small device can not be overrated.
By «reading» the heart, it allows:
researching the symptoms of the disease, their behaviour, frequency, length, reasons and consequences;
correcting the therapy (the doctor can track the medication impact during 24 hours);
tracking risk factors (a graph of heart impulses and a special diary can help define the reason for the attacks);
controlling the implant devices performance;
detecting hidden heart failures (it is not always possible to make a precise conclusion during an ECG, because it takes place in an unusual environment for the patient);
diagnosing an arrhythmia, arterial hypertension and other heart conditions.
It is crucial to monitor the heart rate and arterial blood pressure round-the-clock. Each day there are children in the hospital that need this control. This device is used every day and it is vital for our patients.
Oleksandr Strashok
Head of the Cardiology Center of Kharkiv Regional Children's Hospital
Thanks to Cloud Works, the young patients of the Cardiology Center got a wonderful possibility of having effective diagnostics and treatment.